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Stunning Private Alicante Island


The Island is Just off the coast of Costa Blanca, Spain, the island is a fantastic venue. It still has a typical Spanish village feel to it.

We assist and organise weddings here in Spain on the Exclusive Island and work alongside a resident of the Island who has all the local knowledge you could ever imagine. The Island Catholic church will is fully operational for legal Catholic weddings.

We can arrange for you to travel to the island via the boat from either

Torrevieja, Benidorm and Santa Pola

Each wedding on the island is Unique and is never repeated as each wedding is designed around you and your personality.

Having your ceremony here really is different and will be the talk of the town for years to come, as you can imagine to hold your ceremony here takes a lot of preparations as everything has to be transported to the Island which we do for you so you can enjoy the day.

The atmosphere of the Island is very Caribbean, laid back and very relaxed. With the island still having some people living there is really is a slice of paradise.


Your wedding here would be amazing we arrange for the guests to all be transported to the Island the day before the wedding, there you can have a day at your leisure and explore the island. The wedding would then normally take place on the second day, and again staying the night of the wedding as the last boat leaves at 11.00 when the party is just getting started. We can arrange for all of your guests to stay in hotels on the island or local houses.

The trip by boat to the island can be from either Torrevieja, Santa Pola or  Benidorm from the mainland. There is so much to do on the Island with dungeons, the church, cute squares to sit and relax in, beaches and a whole expanse of nature reserve on the northern part of the island. That's why we recommend that your guests stop for the 2 days and to make sure everyone arrives in time for the ceremony.


So why not give it a go and have your very own private island ceremony.

Everything you need for your special day is taken care of and you and your guests can stay in the brand new boutique hotel.....which can cater for you and your guests and can even include a full free bar for the evening for you and your guests and as you will be the only guests staying in the hotel you can party for as long as you want.

The Island itself is only a small strip of land - 2 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. It really is your very own private wedding island. But it is this that makes it unique and a calm haven away from the tourism of Alicante or mainland Spain

You and your guests have to stay on the Island for 2 nights.


The Island is inhabited and usually quiet but it is also very interesting and like taking a step back in time!

 The churches in Spain are splendid and the church on The Island Island simply doesn't disappoint.

It is a fine example of late 18th Century Neoclassical architecture and well worth stopping at when you are on your wander around the island.

Minimum of 150 People for all Island Weddings.