Our Commitment to your Wedding in Spain

Lyndyloo’s Commitment to you

From the start of your search for a wedding venue in Spain to all the fun of planning it, right until your Wedding Day and beyond we are here for you.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and like every Bride, Groom and parents you want it to go without an hitch and this is where we step in.

Lead up to your Wedding

From the very first contact you have with the team at Lyndyloo you know you are in safe hands.

We are available in the Wedding Planning office 5 days a week or by appointment so are on hand all the time to call us or to pop in the shop for a chat and look at brochures etc, so you can rest assured we are always here for you.

From day 1 we work for you to the best of our abilities, we include FULL wedding co-ordination from start to finish to include dealing with all your enquiries and questions as soon as possible and getting back to you with answers as we know that every couple want answers straight away.

Meeting with Lyndyloo, Pre-Wedding Booking.

We make all the necessary arrangements to meet with you, we do not charge to meet you and we will meet you either at the wedding planning office or at the place you are staying if it is local to our offices in Villamartin, again at NO upfront charge to you. All information and help at this stage is complimentary as we are there to help and make the process as smooth as possible.

Viewing Venues

We will take you around to view any potential wedding venues on the Costa Blanca, again these venues are picked by yourself and we will either meet you at the wedding planning office or collect you and take you to the venues, at NO upfront cost to yourself ( if the venues are all within 1 hour of our office in Villamartin ) it is totally FREE to meet with us and no obligation. If the venues you want to view are further than 1 hour away from our offices then a refundable payment is required for our time & petrol which is returned upon booking. This makes the viewing trip free.

We feel that by offering our services to you with no costs shows our commitment to you and your wedding day, as we believe that you have to feel comfortable with us as your wedding coordinator rather than feeling obliged to use our services because you have had to pay to even meet with us. This should be a chance to meet and have a chat and feel at ease with us. Please provide us with your travel plans prior to appointments.

Service Providers

We will help you source and book all your service providers for your wedding.

We DO NOT push any particular service provider or supplier onto you, we offer you a choice. We do not tell you who to use or only recommend one service provider. It is your day so you deserve a choice and not to be told who to use. As a wedding planner we are pleased to offer you a choice and a good wedding planner should be able to offer choices and not push you in any one direction.
Some of the service providers we use offer us special packages which are only available to us here at Lyndyloo which are then passed on to you.

Meeting Service Providers

We can arrange for you to meet all your service providers prior to the wedding day if required, you can meet them at the shop, to discuss the ceremony with the Priest or Minister and the theme and decoration for your wedding.


We undertake all the necessary paperwork for you for your wedding, whether it be for a full legal wedding which we obtain the paperwork from yourselves and pass this onto the relevant Spanish Partners to complete the paperwork, catholic church wedding which is done with ourselves and the church or a beach service to obtain the relevant license from the authorities, it is all included within our services for you.

The Wedding Day

On your wedding day we are there for you. On the morning of your wedding, perhaps before you have even started the day, we will go to the venue and decorate the room for you to your specific requirements and if you have any extra decoration we will have made arrangements to collect it from you so we have it all in hand on the day.

We lay all the place settings, place cards to match your table plan and highlight any special meal requests to the venue so they are aware of where the guest is seated. We place all your favors and anything else you may have on the tables so when you arrive all is as you had wanted and more!

We will see you on the morning of your wedding to make you feel at ease and to run through any last minute questions you may have.

There will always be a minimum of two wedding coordinators at your wedding, sometimes more depending on your number so there is always someone there for you to guide you through the day from the time you leave for the wedding until the last service provider has started their work.

At the Venue Lyndyloo will be on hand to great your guests and help and advise the bridal party throughout the day, with everything from acting as a master of ceremonies to looking after any guests that require help and of course to ensure that the day runs smoothly so you can enjoy your day. We are on hand until the last service provider of the day is there and fulfilling their contract to you.

We will make sure the ceremony area or church has been prepared for you by lighting the candles, placing any order of services and helping with the seating of the guests as required.

We will re arrange and flowers from the ceremony area to your reception venue, so again when you get there all your flowers are in place for you and your guests to enjoy.

I hope this gives you an insight to what we do for you leading up to your wedding and on the day, but if you have any questions then feel free to ask and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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