Legal Civil Weddings in Spain

We can offer a selection of venues offering Legally Binding Civil Services for Residents of Spain

We can help you get legally married in certain towns within the Alicante region as we work with a Spanish Law firm who can assist with all the legal requirements and we have special permission to use certain venues for legal civil ceremonies with the paperwork being submitted via the local town hall. This process can take several visits to the consulate and then hall and paperwork can take anything up to 12 – 18 months to complete.

We have direct access to obtain the relevant paperwork that is in place for Legal Civil Weddings for residents of Spain as long as you meet all the requirements.

As your wedding planner we work on your behalf to assist you with the required paperwork here in Spain, we are not your legal representative but work alongside the Spanish Company to assure you that all paperwork is in order and legally recognised throughout the World.

We are not held responsible for any legal work as this is done by the Spanish Law firm and your contact for any legal work will be with them directly.

We will explain and guide you through the process with what you need to bring or have in Spain with you, for a legal civil ceremony.

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