Terms and Conditions

Responsibility & Obligations of the Client

Lyndyloo In Spain has a set booking fee of 895€ plus tax this is for the full use of our service for the duration of your wedding plans and full wedding co-ordination. This is our set fee, we do not work on a % for full wedding planning & co-ordination.

The booking fee is payable on the day of the venue inspection trip or at a later date to confirm our services and the booking of the date and venue.
This booking fee is non-refundable.

1. Booking fee of 895€ is required to confirm our services and for us to book the venue, church & date. Also required at this time is the venue deposit fee which can vary from venue to venue and can be anything from 100€ – 2000€. The venue deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your wedding.

2. Prior to the wedding a services deposit of up to 2500€ is payable or individual deposits to required services, this is non-refundable as this is used to pay deposits to secure all your service providers, so it’s recommended that you take Wedding Insurance independantly. This payment is made to your service providers and, should you cancel your wedding after this payment is made, it will be down to each service provider and under their terms and conditions as to whether you get the deposit back. If by any chance they should cancel their services then they will refund the deposit and alternative service can be booked.

3. One month prior to the wedding the final numbers and final balance of the total wedding package is payable, so all payments are made and paid from up to one month prior to the big day. There may some times that some extras above and beyond the original package are added last minute and this can be dealt with just prior to the wedding. It is possible to pay final balance the week of the wedding once in Spain by arrangement.

The Contract

The contract between Lyndyloo In Spain and the client is deemed to be accepted and legally binding once the wedding planner fee and venue deposit have been paid. The contract will include the following services:

1. Co-ordination – Lyndyloo will help you plan your perfect wedding, negotiate and book the required services on your behalf. Lyndyloo will correspond and liaise with all wedding service providers on your behalf and deliver the Perfect Wedding day in a professional manner. Lyndyloo will be on hand at any point to meet with the client to discuss any aspect of the wedding plans and services to date. Lyndyloo staff will be there on the day of the wedding to co-ordinate all service providers on your behalf.

2. Deposits – Lyndyloo will invoice the client direct and collect all deposits required. Lyndyloo will then deliver all deposits and final payments for each service provider that has been chosen on behalf of a client.

3. Refunds – Lyndyloo Booking Fee, venue deposit and 1st part payment and initial services deposits are non-refundable.

4. Booking Confirmation – Lyndyloo will advise the the client via email/writing when each part of the wedding package has been successfully booked and confirmed with a deposit. This may take the form of a Lyndyloo Receipt or updated wedding package.
Lyndyloo will confirm with all service providers twenty-four hours before the wedding day to make any final arrangements for deliveries and set ups etc.


It is advised that all clients take out wedding insurance as Lyndyloo in Spain shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the client.

Lyndyloo in Spain will accept responsibility for any unprofessional services or service providers that have failed to deliver on any of the agreed arrangements which have been under their control.

Any grievance with Lyndyloo in Spain must be put in writing within seven days of the complaint. Lyndyloo In Spain will guarantee a response within 28 days.

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